Our team is transforming the way our customers do business. We deploy the latest tools and technologies to provide modern, scalable solutions.


Enterprise Architecture

ITG applies tailored EA delivery methodologies, using baseline industry frameworks such as TOGAF combined with our extensive industry expertise to deliver actionable analyses, strategic vision, and roadmaps for realization.

Our cadre of certified architects help clients formulate strategic roadmaps for maturing their technology and business. We empower the enterprise to achieve immediate objectives that drive digital transformation through portfolio rationalization and IT modernization initiatives.

Digital Services Centers

Addressing the sprawl of technologies and siloed solutions is at the forefront of every CIO’s agenda. ITG’s Digital Services Center (DSC) is a framework, methodology, and a set of best practices and tenets that are tailorable to each enterprise’s specific needs. The DSC fuses our expertise in enterprise architecture, cloud platforms, digital transformation, agile systems engineering, and organizational change management.

Our highly experienced resources can quickly deploy a tailored DSC which encompasses best practices, technologies, guidelines, and accelerators to assist an enterprise in maximizing business and IT investments, product licensing, and velocity in support of business needs. Our proven engagement approach eschews heavy handed governance in favor of empowerment, allowing our customers to provide key services such as EA, advisory, development, UI/UX, platform implementations and support, and change management in a multi-vendor, multi-stakeholder environment.

Cloud-Based Platform Implementations

In both experience and scale, ITG is at the forefront of industry-leading cloud implementations for technologies such as AWS, ServiceNow, Appian, Salesforce, Box, MuleSoft, and Okta. Our architects and platform engineers collaborate to weave together the fabric of a cloud-based ecosystem leveraging best-of-breed solutions to deliver highly available, exceptionally scalable, and extremely secure business applications for our federal and commercial customers.

Agile Systems Engineering

ITG provides enterprise-grade engineering solutions in various technology domains and platforms. We combine engineering methods, processes and tools to construct, maintain and integrate our client’s platforms, applications and enterprise COTS products, empowering scalable, efficient and effective operations. ITG provides Solution Architecture, Design and Code Pipeline Automation services that govern our proven, agile and highly customizable software delivery lifecycles. Our teams excel at engineering practices such as test-driven development, automation testing, CI/CD (DevOps), cloud services (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS) and migration, data science, and security to bring enduring value derived from our commitment to velocity, quality and engineering excellence.

NextGen Technologies

While the fast-paced introduction of new technologies and paradigms has blurred the definition of next-gen solutions, at ITG we constantly push the boundaries of the technologies and delivery frameworks that we offer to empower our customers. Our Technology Advisory Group (TAG) leverages ITG Labs to evaluate and apply emerging technologies that deliverable tangible measurable value to our customers.

Employing our experience and sound underpinnings of digital transformation, we leverage those investments to deliver prototypes and solutions in IoT, AI, green and sustainable tech, and machine learning for various industries. We base our approach on our tailored version of the Open Innovation Framework to ensure that we are always ready to advise our customers on what technologies and concepts are over the horizon to further accelerate their digital transformation.

Business Process Engineering

In order to build a strong technology architecture that directly meets the business needs of our customers, ITG’s business architects map existing business processes and capture opportunities for innovation and optimization. We tailor industry standard process frameworks for each specific business context, finding opportunities to reduce expensive bottlenecks, manual activities, and business risk, building a target business architecture focused on delivering the core capabilities and functions of the enterprise. Using a variety of industry-leading tools and in alignment with enterprise architecture, our architects and process engineers deliver implementation-ready business models.