ITG specializes in providing  IT-based solutions for Federal realty, and has partnered with industry leaders to integrate building automation and management systems with asset management, weather, and utility data to provide a “single pane of glass” for analytics, reporting, and work order management. Federal agencies are required under Executive Order 13514 to measure, manage, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet energy, water, and waste reduction targets. Intelligent building management systems from ITG help the Government reduce operating costs, lower the environmental impact, while increasing comfort and security for occupants.
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Our solutions are built to be future proof. We apply principles of service orientation to support a layered approach where open APIs built around a common data model are used to collect, store, analyze and report on energy use and costs. This enables greater transparency, improved analyzability and increased agility to incorporate new technologies into our intelligent building solutions as they become viable.

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As a leader in providing cloud-based solutions to GSA, our Smart Buildings solutions will reliably process meter and fault data from millions of devices over a network and computing infrastructure designed for FISMA and FedRAMP compliance. The transition to cloud based infrastructure provides scalability, reduces the administrative burden to the Government, and delivers cost benefits through the efficiencies of shared services.