Buildings and land holdings represent about 25% of corporate wealth. The cost of real estate is second highest for an organization following only payroll. Acquisition, maintenance, and disposal costs directly impact your bottom line. Many corporate real estate managers don’t have updated or adequate information on their real estate assets. IT is quickening the pace of corporate real estate evolution. ITG empowers your organization by implementing more efficient work processes to become more effective, improve service, and measure performance, all while  making significant contributions to the bottom line.

In a time of constricting budgets, and increased workforce mobility, ITG experts enable you to make the right IT investments to understand and control your real estate costs. We provide a full suite of real estate IT solutions to manage the complete lifecycle from acquisition, management, and disposal for both federal and commercial clients. We have the expertise, know-how, and experience to drive your costs down through the efficient tracking of your real estate portfolio.

Lease Management

Leasing is the number one activity among real estate groups. One of the key strengths of ITG is our extensive and proven expertise with a variety of technologies applicable to the leasing domain. We are an industry leader in federal lease management systems. We have superior business domain knowledge and proven success centered on leasing best practices. We have an extensive understanding of Federal leasing policy and regulations along with strong systems engineering processes that guide customers in their choice of technology for leasing systems. We have performed extensive lease management work at the GSA Public Buildings Service (PBS), which is responsible for over $5.5 billion in leases for over 1.2 million federal workers.

Building and Energy Systems

There is an important and highly visible shift in commercial real estate systems operations that is currently taking place. Buildings, not people, are now telling owners and property managers when to take action. The linking of buildings into networks is part of an effort to drive substantial increases in energy efficiency, operational effectiveness, and occupant satisfaction. The best building management practices now involve a shift into building monitoring systems where mechanical engineers, software engineers, and building operators work together to deploy, retrofit, or maintain building monitoring and control systems.

ITG understands the best practices methodology and architecture for smart building systems, and we have deployed open-architected inter-operable building automation systems that seamlessly integrate into your IT infrastructure.

ITG leads the way with G-REX

G-REX is a mission critical system that allows leasing specialists to perform essential lease procurement tasks to award a lease, as well as perform post occupancy services consistent with National policy.

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