Effective data management requires more than an investment in technology—it also involves putting the processes in place to manage all aspects of the data lifecycle. Leading organizations understand the importance of data management and architecture, which ensures the data needed for organizational decision making and reporting is available, accurate, complete, and secure.

ITG has dedicated data architecture and information management practice areas with experts in data modeling to ensure optimal resiliency, integrity, interoperability and enterprise value. We leverage proven approaches for Master Data Management (MDM) to improve data quality, providing both users and systems with up-to-the minute and accurate data for critical decisions and processes.

ITG can work in any data environment. Our clients range from corporations with decades of experience tostart-ups and new enterprises that are just scratching the surface of their data management challenges. We deliver a holistic approach with deep insight into the following domains:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Structure
  • Master Data Management
  • Metadata
  • Data Quality
  • Data Security

Effective data management is the cornerstone of effective business management. Having control of your data leads to seamless compliance with government regulations, reduced risks, improved productivity and operational efficiency, improvements in customer satisfaction, and increased enterprise agility.