ITG Presents G-REX Project with GSA at Realcomm 2013

ITG unveiled its new leasing process software at Realcomm 2013 in Orlando.

G-REX was created by ITG for the GSA’s Public Building Service. PBS is the landlord for the civilian federal government, owns or leases 9,624 assets, and has an inventory of 370.2 million square feet of workspace. Over 1 million federal employees work in spaces that are part of the PBS inventory.

G-REX is a BPM system that streamlines, simplifies, and monitors the government leasing process for both GSA leasing specialists and employees of other agencies who have been delegated to administrate the leasing process.

PBS will begin to use G-REX in August of 2013.

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eLease Modernization, a year later…

We thought we’d share with you the latest updates on this important program. First, off, its been renamed, G-REX!

What is G-REX?  

G-REX is an acronym for GSA Real Estate Exchange. G-REX is the major PBS Office of Leasing initiative that replaces eLease in late Spring 2013. G-REX is a mission critical system that requires a leasing specialist to perform essential lease procurement tasks to award a lease as well as perform post occupancy services consistent with National policy and guidance, alignment with gPM principles of project management/scheduling/task completion, and provides vital lease and productivity data collection for future lease process improvement.

The G-REX System

G-REX represents a shift to a more consistent National standard in the system lease process and policy, transparency within our workforce,  and an adaptable/flexible configuration that easily changes to meet our leasing needs.  On the front end, G-REX is an interactive leasing partner that manages end-to-end life-cycle of leasing transaction, from identification of customer space requirements to closing of a lease.  On the back end G-REX has a powerful and robust system platform that uses business process software for business efficiency and effectiveness.

G-REX Benefits

  • Provides consistency in the customer requirements development process and project delivery.
  • Leverages project management principles by supporting concepts such as team roles, task assignments, and task ownership.
  • Guides the user through  lease model specifications
  • Increased response time to policy changes with system enhancements, reducing the overall cost of implementing these changes.
  • Capitalizes on existing PBS IT assets with integration of information systems for seamless exchange, reduction in data input, and increased data accuracy.
  • Automates document generation for items such as project schedules, acquisition plan, lease file checklists, RLP/Lease, and Present Value Analysis (PVAs).
  • Supports electronic file management and digital routing and approvals.
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