GSA Awards Government Leasing System Modernization to ITG

Woman owned Small Business Company to transform Federal leasing system

Incentive Technology Group (ITG) announced today a prime contract award to support the General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service (GSA PBS). ITG will specifically address the modernization of the Government’s online leasing system, eLease, which is responsible for more than 175 million square feet in more than 8,600 privately leased facilities. The contract has a one-year base period plus four option years and a maximum potential value of up to $20 million, depending on the levels of enhancement work the government chooses to perform.

eLease was designed and developed over five years ago, built on older technology and designed with a static business process and operating model in mind. Within this design framework, the GSA PBS Realty Acquisition community did not have the flexibility necessary to adapt to Lease Reform lease acquisition process changes that have been evolving over the past year and will continue to evolve in the future. Instead of trying to forecast the lease acquisition process changes that will be necessary in the near and medium term and expend additional time and money enhancing the existing limited system, GSA determined it would be more useful, forward-thinking, and  add more value to PBS’ leasing business model to modernize the application and its development strategy.

The goal is to maximize user adoption of the program and enable greater user self-service and customization to support alignment with the PBS Office of Leasing’s evolving business processes and functions.

PBS has invested heavily in the past in many high-grade enterprise COTS components and custom solutions. All of these existing investments will be leveraged by ITG’s solution.

ITG’s solution will deliver faster results, at a lower cost, and will maximize business alignment and the reuse of existing IT assets. The technical architecture is composed of two key components: interpretive Business Process Management (BPM) and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). BPM and SOA will benefit the Office of Leasing Operations by providing a system that quickly adapts to changing business requirements and assists in decision making through real-time data-driven business monitoring. This solution will enable continuous leasing process optimization with minimized data and code changes, thereby ultimately reducing annual costs for PBS.